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Hi! I need to find the original host of the company website I am managing, but I have only been able to find that it goes through cloudflare, and I have no idea if the company has a cloudflare account (no one else seems to know either), so I cannot access cloudflare through company credentials. Ultimately, I’m trying to figure this out in order to update PHP for Wordpress.

Go to and select “Forgot your email”. That will email the Cloudflare account holder for the domain. Hope that goes to an email address in the company.

Failing that, they should be paying for hosting, so ask them to check their bills or credit cards.

You can check the DNS record history at to see if the last records before Cloudflare show who the host may be. It could have changed since then, but you may get lucky.

Whatever the result, if you can’t access the Cloudflare account, once you’ve found the hosting, you’ll need to set up a new Cloudflare account, or another DNS provider and take control of the DNS by updating the nameservers at the domain registrar otherwise this black hole of DNS records will come back as a problem in the future.

Thank you for your reply - in, under which of the records would i find this info? As in A records, AAAA records, MX records…? Sorry if this is a silly question, I don’t know anything about this stuff :slight_smile:

You may find host verification codes in the TXT records, the server IP address in the SPF TXT record, or the host IP address in the A and AAAA records or in CNAMEs. The mail provider may be shown in the MX records. If they used the host’s nameservers, the NS records may give it away.

You’ll need to register to see the history as the current records will be for Cloudflare. If the domain has always been under Cloudflare, or they changed host while behind Cloudflare, then you are out of luck there.

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Okay, I can see the history of hosts, however, is there not a current host behind cloudflare? (As this is what I seem to need in order to get specific instructions on how to update PHP)

No, as I said, you can only see who the host was before the site went behind Cloudflare. That may be the current host still, or it may have changed. It’s only a clue who the host may be.

You can’t see the current host behind Cloudflare, that is part of the point of it. The host may be given away in headers from the site itself.

The simplest way is to find out who your client is paying for the hosting.

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Thank you, understood, I’ll ask!

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