Finding my old blog posts

I just changed my blog from bluehost to Cloudflare, and from wordpress to kajabi. I redirected the same domain name from bluehost to Cloudflare. But I need to access my old wordpress blogs to copy them over to kajabi. I can’t find them. I can’t log in to wordpress anymore using the domain name. can anyone help?

Under WordPress Tools, there is an export option for Posts, Pages, Contact, Forms and Media but have no idea how kajabi handles imports. You can also export the database but again, no easy answer can be provided how to import. *as for not being able to connect to the old site, can’t you just point the A record back to your Bluehost server to to quickly login to WP?

Thanks for teh response.
I do have a recent export on my external drive. I’ll try to open that when i get home.
I know I can’t import into kajabi - I have to copy and paste. But that’s ok. Right now I just want to find the content. If the hard drive doesn’t work then I’ll try to figure out how to do what you suggest - point the A record back to bluehost to retrieve them

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