Finding my domain on Clouflare?

I cant find my domain when i put it in the Cloudflare search bar. The support of Domain com said i need the DNS Records of Cloudflare. Can you help me?

What domain is it?

https:// thesmoothox . com/

That domain is currently not configured for Cloudflare.

Did you add it to Cloudflare to begin with?

I cant add it to Cloudflare because when i type my domain in the Cloudflare search bar this appears: Hmm… We couldn’t find any matching websites.

Then you should start here → Get started with Cloudflare · Cloudflare Docs

But you should first get your site working, as it currently only returns an error.

thats because i got no page on it its just the domain at the moment. the plan is to connect the domain to Cloudflare and redirect the people instantly to an other link when they click on my domain. so the domain is just there to look good and then riderect them.

So you just want the domain to redirect to another URL?

That’s easy → Redirecting One Domain to Another

But you first need to add your domain to Cloudflare and then use the assigned nameservers. Follow the tutorial from before for that.

Exactly. Redirecting to another Url and having the SSl on it so people can savely see it.

SSL is not something that Cloudflare will provide, that’s something your host needs to do. But redirecting will work.

Anyhow, follow the mentioned tutorial and you will be able to set up your domain.

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