Finding my CSR file

) CSR file generated from your hosting provider (with 2048 bits key),
2.) SERVER SOFTWARE used to generate the CSR, and

Your post appears to be missing too many details to have any meaningful context. Can you explain what you want to accomplish and how it relates to Cloudflare so we can offer some guidance?

Thanks for responding- I have my domain bought from crazy domains & I have my nameservers & dns with cloudflare.
I have just purchased ssl security form crazy domains & they are waiting for me to give them the CSR file from cloudflare to activate my ssl cert .

Thanks for sharing the additional information. Excepting certain advanced scenarios, you do not normally need to obtain a CSR from Cloudflare. That explains why your message was confusing.

Cloudflare generates its own edge certificates automatically. A CSR for use in obtaining a commercial certificate to install on your origin server needs to come from your webhosting provider. Cloudflare sits between your visitors and your webhost to provide security and performance enhancements.

If I am misunderstanding your use case and you have the Business or Enterprise subscription required to use your own certificate on the Cloudflare edge, you can generate that CSR by following this guide. Again, this option requires a Business or Enterprise subscription and is probably not what you are trying to do.

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Thanks - for the breakdown. I am still unclear though.
I have a domain bought from Crazy Domains- ssl also
I have my site hosted in GO High Level
Cloudflare sits in between if i am reading this right.

Crazy domains requires my csr file from Cloudflare to operate my ssl on GHL - Is that about on the money
If so then I have to buy csr on business or enterprise to give to crazy domains or leave crazy & cloudflare & start all over again.
I appreciate this help very much because i am confused & my site is down

Also - if i have to buy - can i buy advanced certificate - will that do

What directions are you following from Go High Level and wherre do they suggest that you need a certificate from Crazy Domains?

Go High Level should obtain a certificate automatically. According to their directions, they only support Cloudflare when it is set to :grey: DNS Only.

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