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My developer opened an account and is two of my sites I need to be able to download these sites and don’t know how to do it. Also I can’t seem to be able to talk to a live Cloudflare tech support person and I am overseas and this is frustrating

What do you mean by

Do you mean transfer your sites into Cloudflare.

no the site is there already but my developer has the log in and access to the sites and I don’t and having trouble reaching developer

If the developer didn’t give you access in Cloudflare to your sites, then you can’t access them. And your best bet is to wait for them to give you access. If you are unable to get in touch then you can create your own Cloudflare account and migrate the sites to that account.

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so I would need to get a another hosting account and then migrate them in? would Cloudflare allow this. I own the domain but of course I don’t control the present site hosting

Yes, Cloudflare would allow you to migrate the domains over. You would just change the nameservers to the one assigned to you

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Please understand I need to contact the site support directly as I have some other questions to ask since domains are not allowed here. how can I reach them online directly as I am out of country now

Waited over 1.5 hours for sales and they didn’t come to chat so I left and this is one of the biggest web hosting companies. Wow I am shocked

Cloudflare is not a traditional web hosting provider. Unless you use Pages/Workers, it is unlikely your site is actually hosted on Cloudflare.

This is possible if you have a paid plan, but on Free this is where you get support.

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