Finding deleted DNS records after deleting account!

Hi there, I deleted my cloudflare account today - as I have changed my domain registrar - transferred to new host…and now my site is down because I need to create a new dNS and new CNAME…
but, in order to do that - I need to know what the dns settings were/are and the configurations!!!

And unfortunately I didn’t obtain them from my Cloudflare before deleting my account! So, i’m really worried now. Customer service support is shocking - I send a support ticket and I keep getting an automatic reply:your ticket has been marked resolved.
Can anyone help me here? How can i get the hostname & target for Cname/ my DNS record settings???

This is urgent as my site is down…

thank you in advance!!
my site is:

Hi @user4202 you deleted the zone from your account, you did not delete your account. Best bet would be to login and view the Audit Log for the records to see if you can reconstruct them. Depending upon how long ago you removed the site you may be able to +Add Site back to your account and see the old records.

If that’s the case, some of the old records may not be of any value, they’ll reference the former origin details. If you cannot recover the details from the logs, whoever provided those originally should be able to assist. may have some historical data that may help.

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Hi! thank you for your reply.

So, I added my site back in. And clicked to see DNS records, but there’s no Cname there. Only A, AAA A and MX.

Name-servers now point to a different domain host…

I have opened Audit-Log and it’s a bit mumbo jumbo. Not sure what I should be looking for to ‘recontruct’ the DNS records. I just need the Host Name & Target…in order to duplicate this to put in my new host/domain registrar.

Any advice…?
I have sent support requests at Cloudflare & also security and to no avail.
thanks again for your response. greatly appreciate it,

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The information for your hosting provider will be an IP address that you use for the value of your `A`` or Address record. As you’ve changed your host, that ip value will change as well. So you want to know the new IP for your new hosting service. Your host can tell you the value of that record and there is a great #tutorials or adding dns records that will help.

I’ll look around in your audit log for details on the cname record, wherever you got those details in the first place should be able to provide them to you again. Maybe they are in email or in an online doc?

If I find any details that ought not be shared in public I will reply in that request to Support.


To find records in your audit log, look for lines that read Rec Add, I found an old A record that has the IP of what I assume is your former origin server at your hosting provider.

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.29.29 AM

And I found a couple of cname records

Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.26.54 AM
Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 8.29.10 AM

The value for the A record will have changed with the change of hosting providers. But the details in the MX record may be of some value. I noticed the MX record in your audit log.

As the zone is no longer on Cloudflare there is not a lot that Support can do to assist you, we don’t have copies of your old DNS records.

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