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My site is showing a bunch of flash downloads and other non sense. I cannot remember who I hosted the site with and cannot find in my cloudflare account. In the DNS tab all the IPs start with 104 and show cloudflare when showed on whois. Please help.

Check your DNS settings on Cloudflare and it should tell you the server IP address.

Under DNS tab. The A name is an IP that starts with 104 when I plug into WHois it says cloudflare is the host

That should not be the case. If that is the case you have an incorrectly configured domain. Can you post a screenshot?

That is not a proper setup. The correct IP address is most likely this 159 one.

Yes, the 159 seems most likely to be the right one. However, your site has some funny redirects and you should check your site for any configuration that shouldnt be there, as it appears to be compromised.

Furthermore your certificate on the server expired 1.5 years ago, you should take care of that too.

Can I only take care of this on the host?

Yes, these are issues on your server.

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