Find nameservers to replace on Siteground

Hello everyone,
I have a website with Siteground and integrated Cloudflare through them. Everything is set up correctly.
However in order to use Amazon S3 with WP Offload Media, I need to provide the images from CDN of Cloudflare.

To do that, I need the ns to be pointed to Cloudflare. I can’t really find the nameservers that I should replace on SG. No problem in how to change nameservers, as I do it from Siteground.

I don’t find anywhere the Cloudflare nameservers I need to apply.

I saw there were similar articles about that but they didn’t point to a specific account page. Moreover the DNS section on my Cloudflare account for that website simply says to “manage DNS settings from Siteground” as I did the config thought them.

Thanks for clarifying that to me.

As you pointed out, your domain is currently configured via a partner setup. In this case you won’t have any Cloudflare nameservers but your host controls everything and Cloudflare only provides a domain specific CNAME where - once again - your host points to. You’d need to contact your host for clarification in this case.

It’s not quite clear why you’d need “Cloudflare nameservers” but the only way to get them is to sign up for a proper account and disable your host integration in that case.


Hi Sandro, thank you for following up. I’m setting up WP Offload Media to Amazon S3, that allows to upload media files to Amazon S3.

However, it is not convenient to provide these contents throught S3, as it’s only a storage, not optimize for permormance. That is why I need to provide the media throught a CDN.

They do offer full compatibility and it’s well explained as mentioned in the screenshot of their doc.

That is way I need to update the nameservers to point to Cloudflare.

Thank you very much

That refers to a full setup and when you proxy that hostname. If you can do that on your partner setup as well, you just need to follow these instructions. Except for aformentioned CNAME, Cloudflare is not really involved here and you’d need to clarify most of it with your host I am afraid.

As long as you do not sign up for a full setup you can ignore anything nameserver related.

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