Find IP of Old Zone Record

Is it possible to find the IP address that my site use to point to before my account was deleted?

Here is what happened:

I built a website many years ago and used Cloudflare for the DNS. For reasons unknown, the site owner called Godaddy and for some reason, Godaddy told them to change the DNS of the URL, which is, to point to back to Godaddy. It seems that if Cloudflare doesn’t see a domain pointed to them anymore they automatically delete the account. Am I correct? Anyway, what I am looking for is all of the old IP addresses that once pointed to through Cloudflare so I can try to track down where the actual site files are hosted. Is this something that is possible?


The only possible chance would be to dig through the Audit Log and hope it goes back as long as you need to find the time you set it originally.

Alternatively, and preferably, just get the IP from the provider directly to plug into DNS.

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“Alternatively, and preferably, just get the IP from the provider directly to plug into DNS.”

I am not sure what you mean here. I don’t know the IP of the website host.

But I would imagine you’d know who you are paying to host the website, right? Login there, they will tell you the IP.


It’s a long story but we have no idea who the host is. The site was built over 10 years ago and the owner didn’t keep track of it. So I don’t know what to do at this point. I was hoping I could somehow see all the past IP addresses that the URL ever used. Thanks for at least trying to help though.


The customer can look through the audit log. Changed to the record will show old and new value

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