Find Email thats connected to Domain


a collegue of mine changed the nameservers of the domain gtfastly(dot)info to a year ago from another hoster. We didnt use Cloudflare at that time, now we want to. We do not know know what E-Mail was used for the Cloudflare account anymore. Is there a way to find the E-Mail adress that was used? I already tried the tool that lets you put the URL and then get a E-Mail. I looked for all E-Mails I have and found no E-Mail from Cloudflare. Is there another way or Cloudflare Agent that can help with this ?


If you can’t access the old Cloudflare account, just create a new one and add the domain to it. You will be given a new pair of Cloudflare nameservers to set at your registrar which will then allow the new account’s settings to be used for your domain.

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