Find Domain Account Manager



Hello, we are asking a client to update some DNS records and pointed them to cloudflare since their name servers are using cloudflare. They are stumped as to who/why they are using cloudflare.

Is there a way to find out which email address is responsible for the management of my customers domain? Like a means to have cloudflare reach out to the account admin and say “Hey, your client for xyz domain needs to hear from you”

Thanks in advance!


(ps. I read how to move a domain if they lost the user-email for the account, but we don’t want to assume the billing or services without first knowing what they are. Article here )


Best would be for your client to first try getting a reset password email sent to any emails they have. Cloudflare support can’t give out the email of the account manager for a domain for obvious privacy reasons.


Yep, that’s in the works but was wondering if there was a way to “have CloudFlare” prod the contact whomever that might be.


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