Finaly not the fastest?

If we make the test here…

Benchmarks will vary depending on the network connectivity you have at the current location and time. And even then, there still can be a lot of variation.

Use whichever is fastest for you, unless there is a compelling feature set elsewhere. Not leaking everything I do to Google, and not artificially limiting my access to the Internet are important factors in choosing candidate resolvers for myself, your mileage may vary.

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Ok. In your case, cloudflare is good one?

On average, it’s good. Similar to, but not being Google is a perk.

Not revealing my subnet is good, although sadly the point from here isn’t the best positioned vs other CDNs, so I end up hitting geo-distributed CDNs at a less than ideal choice.

Still, it’s reasonable. I use it when I’m off my own network, I run my own resolvers as first priority.

Do you know why with cloudflare dns I always in germany as geolocation when I do a dns leaks test

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