Finally my account suspended by host

My account has been suspended. High load and DDos Attack as reason. Please how can I know which site had the issue from

If you’ve already tried setting Security Level to High, the next step I’d try would be set it to “I’m Under Attack!”

To be less obtrusive, you can see if there’s a URL in particular that’s being targeted and make a Page Rule to apply the heightened security to just that part of your website.

I just did that. But for the page rule, I’m confused

If, for example, the attackers are targeting a specific path, like /, /wp-login or /admin, then I would add a Page Rule with enhanced security for just that URL path.

It seems to me that in your SSL/TLS settings page here, you don’t have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled.

I say this because if I use http for your site, I get the DDoS protection delay, then it redirects me to HTTPS, and I get another DDoS protection delay. I could be wrong, though.

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