Final step in Pages custom domain setup

A few days ago, I set up Cloudflare Pages with a custom domain. I own the domain through Namecheap and so I went through the custom domain setup in the Pages dashboard where my DNS records were set up automatically. After I was done, I waited a couple of days but my custom domain was still not working. I added a CNAME to point to my page’s domain and waited a few days and it still wasn’t working. Lastly, I happened to visit the custom domain section in the Pages dashboard and I did not see my custom domain so I added it again which took me to another page to “finish” my set up for that custom domain where it told me it would add the same CNAME record, which I already had, to my DNS records. Once I did this, my site was working on that custom domain. What was this last step that was missing? I noticed this note in the “getting started” guide:

" To ensure a custom domain is added successfully, you must go through the Adding a custom domain process described above. Manually adding a custom CNAME record pointing to your Cloudflare Pages site - without first associating the domain (or subdomains) in the Cloudflare Pages dashboard - will result in your domain failing to resolve at the CNAME record address, and display a 522 error."

Did this last step associate my Page with the custom domain?

If so, imho it would be better for user experience to document/mention this last step in a more explicit way as the documentation is a bit abstract.

I’m trying to learn more about Cloudflare products and DNS in general so any clarification about this last step would be greatly appreciated.

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