Final renewal notice warning, but date shown is in the future

Still scratching my head on this one. Perhaps it’s a bug in the code?

Good catch. I just received one and ignored it since I want it to expire. Sure enough, it shows it expired next year. But it most certainly expired this year/month. My Overview page confirms this.

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Thanks. Now, does this mean that my autorenew doesn’t work correctly? I figured I’d check out the same domain using the “Manage Domain” link. This is what was there:

Lol, what kind of rabbit-hole am I staring at?

That looks like a mess. Have you opened a ticket? That would probably be a good idea, then post the ticket number here. I’m more risk-averse, so I’d try that Add Years option ASAP.

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I honestly believe I may have already paid/been invoiced and charged for this domain. I’m going to check that next. In the meantime, the ticket number is shown here:


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If you type in the actual ticket number, it links the ticket to this thread.

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Ok, I think this may be a case of what happens when enabling Auto-Renew before the actual expiry date (Jan 7 2021), but after the date that Cloudflare was set to originally renew it (Dec 20, 2020) --which was a couple of weeks before the true expiration, I’m guessing.

Looks like nothing happened after enabling Auto-Renew in between December 20, 2020 and January 7, 2021, when the expectation on my part was that enabling auto-renew before the January 7, 2021 date would actually result in an automatic renewal. (Whew!) Looks like there needs to be more clarity on the Cloudflare end, as it relates to what happens when you.

Looks like I enabled auto-renewal on January 6th, expecting it to automatically renew. It is kinda making more sense now.

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Ticket 2074248

Lol, broke down and clicked on the add years option. Thanks for that suggestion. All I can say is the domain name fits this scenario, oddly enough.