Filtering ads using the AdGuard filter

I want to use the DNS filtering feature that comes with Cloudflare Gateway to filter out several ad domains. In particular, I want to use the AdGuard blacklist. It comes in a regex-like format. Is there a way to add that to my gateway? I’m willing to change to a paid plan if necessary.

Unfortunately, no. And that’s why I have a PiHole in front of Gateway. :grin:

Thank you. The “problem” with PiHole is that it will be another piece of hardware for me to manage. Do you know any PiHole-like SaaS?

Perhaps something like NextDNS would suit you. I used it for a while some time ago, but then decided to have my own system (pihole-like, but self made).

Note: I hope you can google it yourself, I didn’t want to post a link that might be considered to be advertisement – I hate ads :slight_smile:

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