Filter field in cloudflare_notification_policy terraform resource

Hello there,
I’m currently facing an issue with the cloudflare_notification_policy resource in the Terraform provider.

I have the following resource block:

resource "cloudflare_notification_policy" "clickhouse_alert_fw_ent_anomaly" {
  account_id = var.cloudflare_account_id
  name = "Advanced Security Events Alert"
  description = "Cloudflare detects a spike in security events against one of our zones"
  enabled = true
  alert_type = "clickhouse_alert_fw_ent_anomaly"

  webhooks_integration {
    id =

And, when applying, this error appears:

│ Error: error creating policy Advanced Security Events Alert: HTTP status 400: Filters selection must be provided to create a policy. (17103)
│ with cloudflare_notification_policy.clickhouse_alert_fw_ent_anomaly,
│ on line 133, in resource "cloudflare_notification_policy" "clickhouse_alert_fw_ent_anomaly":
│ 133: resource "cloudflare_notification_policy" "clickhouse_alert_fw_ent_anomaly" {

It looks like a filter field is missing. I have checked the documentation (of both Cloudflare notifications and the terraform provider) and I can’t find which values this field is supposed to have.

Are those filters the same as the WAF, as described here? Or did I miss something?


This question is being responded in the provider’s issues here.