Filter custom hostnames by CA

Hello everyone, i would like to ask if it’s possible to filter custom hostnames based on the CA of their SSL certificates. This would be useful, in order to re-issue any certificates provided by DigiCert as has been deprecated and the auto-renewal by my undersdaning won’t work

Thank you!

Edit: opps my bad, you mentioned Custom Hostnames in your original post
The migration guide for Custom Hostnames is here:

Specifically, what you are looking for seems to be stated under the Identify Certificates section:

You can also send a GET request to the API and look for certificates with a ssl_status of pending_validation and a certificate_authority of digicert within the SSL object.

To find wildcard custom hostnames specifically that are using DigiCert certificates, send a GET request and include ?certificate_authority=digicert&wildcard=true in the request parameter.

Hey and thanks for your reply. Already went via the documentation, just hopping that i can use a query param (e.g. ca, certificate_authority) so CF can do the filtering for me as i have over 25000 custom hostnames currently. No worries though, i will them all and filter them from my side