Fille Wall help please

Hi guys, i want to set up firewall, but i have already sitelock firewall added. and i dont want to use it. what should i do? and if i activate Cloudflare firewall do i need to disable the other one?

hi guys. i was with free plan but i have upgraded to pro plan, how do i set up firewall?

can you please let me know what to do? i just upgraded from free to pro. do i just have to enable firewall and all things will work? or do i need to do any changes.?

You don’t have to change anything after an upgrade, but you will find some new settings available. Most notable to me are the Polish and Mirage image optimizations under the Speed settings section of the Dashboard.

The Web Application Firewall in your Firewall settings section is probably automatically enabled, but give it a look. There’s a section for IP Firewall / Web Application Firewall (click the WAF heading) to see if it’s On.

p.s. Geez, I didn’t know you posted this so many times. Please don’t do that.

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i did not mean to post duplicate topics, i just couldn’t see the answer so i posted it again. , im new here. learning still.

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