Files over 500K fail to upload

Recently moved our site behind Cloudflare and now when attempting uploads over 600K the site just spins. Files under 600K upload immediately. Error logs show 200 and no error unless the user finally cancels the upload. Tested back with the site not behind Cloudflare and a 2mb file uploads in 5 seconds. Time outs were increased to 200 for another issue, have tried disabling all rules and WAF and issue remains. Cloudflare support on my ticket has not been very responsive. Any ideas?

sorry for the pain on this @dguibord I have added myself to your ticket and will escalate your post here for a colleague to review

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Hi @dguibord I worked with one of my colleagues, he will be following up with you in on this case.

The cause for posterity was that the legacy IIS server or application isn’t handling the protocol switch very well.

The browser request is going over HTTP2, if reproducing with cURL,
and you force the h1.1 flag using the $ curl --http1.1 the file uploads without issue.

There may be a better explanation why this happens only for files larger than a certain size, I’m curious to test if small files are uploaded using h1.1.


Thank you for the update! I do see the 500K file there - nothing larger yet, feel free to upload test files as you see fit, I can clean them out later. Looking forward to hearing from your colleague on the fix, the sooner we get these uploads going the sooner we can get off this server. :slight_smile:

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