Files failing to upload when deploying a Cloudflare pages application

I have 2 pages applications they run the same code the only difference is I use 1 application as my dev environment and the other one as my production environment.
I deploy both of my applications using the cloudflare/[email protected]. I am deploying exactly the same build to the 2 different environments. The deployments have been working fine until today where my production deployment freeze when it gets to the 10th file being uploaded and eventually fail with a 1101 error. What’s strange is that my dev environment deployment works as expected. I have tried to manually upload the same dist folder and it successfully upload in my dev pages app but always fails in my prod pages app. I have made no changes to the app settings.
Has anyone got any clue why this would be happening?

whatever issue it was it seems to be fixed now, I have tried re-deploying and it worked this time.

There is an incident open about pages deployments right now: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Workers KV Issues
Slowly getting better though, I just had one succeed as well.


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