File uploads above 200 MB when using direct user uploads

I’m currently deciding what video service I am going to use. My service needs direct uploads from users. Most of these will be 5-10 minutes which is definitely more than 200 MB. Is there any way to allow users to upload files over 200 MB? Is TUS possible through a direct user upload url? Is there any other way to upload files over 200 MB?

Hi there!

Presently we do have a 200 MB POST body upload limit so in order to upload larger files we recommend segmenting your client-side uploads into smaller chunks.

I should mention that this applies specifically to Cloudflare’s cache and not for uploading videos to Cloudflare Stream which does support TUS protocol for uploads.

I hope this helps!


Well, I know about this file size limit. And that’s very well documented.

What I’m looking for is this:

  1. Creating a Unique One-Time Upload URL for direct user upload (to CF stream)
  2. Sending that URL/token to the client
  3. Using TUS on the client side to upload a video to CF Stream that’s larger than 200 MB.

Hope you can help :slight_smile:

Hey @jamietrip! I agree with you that @Peter-CF is mentioning does not apply here.

I see that you found the answer STREAM Direct User Uploads - Not TUS enabled?. What you’re asking for is something we’re working on right now.

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