File Upload Size and Worker Limits

According to documentary, the Worker has a 128 mb memory limit “at all times”
I would like to know how does this comply with file uploads.

If theoretically, 20 users of the site are uploading 10 mega byte files at the same time, does this mean that the worker is processing 200 MB, and anything after 128 mb are chopped off?

Or, does this 128mb limit not count the content of the request itself?

File downloads and uploads are streamed, so won’t take up a lot of RAM.

I’m no expert, but i think RAM is consumed when processing data, like large JSON files or complex data-structures, things like an index or assigned variables can consume RAM.

Generally though, I think you’ll have to put quite some effort into depleting the amount of RAM in a worker due to only 1MB scripts being allowed.