File transfers really slow through proxy

Hi. Whenever i use cloudflares proxy for my nextcloud server, my transfer speeds gets limited to approx. 40mbit/s.
Now i know a proxy is slower than direct connect, but going from 300-400mbit/s to only 40 is quite the impact.
I’m running the free plan, and don’t know if this is a limitation here of or if anything else is wrong.

Thanks in advance!

You could test your Speed to the nearest Cloudflare POP over on

Maybe your Connection to Cloudflare is slow.

The Next possibility would be that the Transfer Speed between the Cloudflare POP that you are connecting to and your Nextcloud Server is slow. I dont think Cloudflare does throttle the connection itself.

On another Side Note: I would not proxy Nextcloud through Cloudflare because of the “Short” Timeout. It will not do any Harm but will look strange when you Upload something and the Upload takes longer than 100 Seconds. Like that the Nextcloud Interface is not Updating when the Upload completes

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