File limit on pages

Whenever I try to upload my website onto pages, it does not let me as i have more than 1000 files on my website, since i store all media for my site on it, but my website’s file size is only 555kb. Is there a way to increase the file limit as cloudflare docs says the limit is 20k files?

How are you uploading your project? Are you using paid Workers or free?

I am using the free one I believe

The dashboard drag and drop is limited to 1,000 files due to browser limitations. If you wish to get the full 20k file limit, please use Wrangler or connect a Git project - Use Direct Upload with continuous integration · Cloudflare Pages docs

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Sorry if i might sound a bit dumb, but what is Wrangler and how does it change the project upload process? Is it free?

It’s our CLI tool, you can use it to upload files. And yes it’s free :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi, ive been trying to set up wrangler, but i am unsure of the steps/commands to publish my website, which is on a folder on my computer using it. Could you help guide me please?