Figuring out what Cloudflare account our domain is associated with


I think this is a pretty basic question - I’m trying to figure out how to manage our DNS for our ancient website. Our domain host (HostGo) said the site’s DNS was managed by Cloudflare. The nameservers currently point to and, so I’m guessing someone must have set up a Cloudflare account a long time ago to manage the domain. Is there a standard way to determine what account that might be, or any other logical next steps I might be missing?

Thanks for any help.

Not really. You’d need to set up the domain on a new account with new nameservers.

Gotcha, thank you! The only thing I’d wonder is if doing so would have the potential to mess anything up like email relays. It doesn’t seem like it should, but just don’t want to inadvertently mess anything up.

Would you think anything like that might be cause for concern, or is switching over the domain to a new account (and repointing to the nameservers) generally a pretty clean/safe process?

What exactly do you mean by that?

It depends on how it is executed. As long as you make sure the new account has the identical configuration as the current account, you should be on the safe side.

There could be one issue, that the registry doesnt smoothly accept the new nameservers. Whats the TLD?

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