Figuring out proxies

the A records for webmail point to,, I see that they are all proxied. not sure what that means. when I do icann lookups for those addresses I get cloudflare, cloudflare and linode. Not sure what this really means. Is the final destination of at cloudflare or does the proxy mean it is being sent somewhere else? And if so, how do I know where they are being sent (I am a tech and have inherited this, so I have no idea how this was all setup and neither does anyone else, I am trying to figure it all out)

Proxied :orange: hostname DNS records from the DNS tab at Cloudflare Dashboard will always return a Cloudflare IP on a lookup, while in the background the request goes to the origin (server IP address) to which that particular hostname is pointed and being hosted on a (sub)domain.

Furthermore, the :orange: hostname(s) use Cloudflare features like speed & security, which can be modified per need.

Just make sure you’re having a valid SSL certificate at your hosting provider/origin for webmail hostname and make sure you’re using Full (Strict) SSL under the SSL/TLS settings at the Cloudflare dashboard.

Regarding the real example, I usually have a DNS record A webmail pointed to example IP address like, because using the Cloudflare Worker for a path I do a redirect 301 to the hosting provider’s domain like, therefrom protecting my and making it available for the users, employees, customers, etc.
Nevertheless, since it’s :orange: , I apply the specific WAF Rule to block requests from everyone else except my country and also using 2nd WAF Rule I challenge each request of my own country trying to enter just in case.

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