Field text size in zone records

I need to post a txt record in a DNS zone for Comodo to validate domain ownership.

Comodo wants a txt record that includes a value in the “name” field for the txt record that looks like:

where domainname equals a 15 character string for our client’s domain name. When I paste the value into the field, system captures everything to the left of and dumps the rest. Is this a limitation in permitted characters? How do I get the zone to retain the entire text string? Without this, Comodo is unable to validate the zone.

Can you post a screen shot?

Edit…What is the total number of characters you need for the record name? Can you share any specifics?

The domain name is implied by Cloudflare. You don’t need the suffix of for every host you add in DNS. I am guessing that’s why the UI automatically removes it, so it won’t become

Have you tried to let it be, and see if Comodo is really unable to validate, or you just assumed that they won’t and stopped there?

In principal, you could validate it yourself, by using a tool like nslookup:

$ nslookup
> set querytype=txt

** server cant find NXDOMAIN

of course this one won’t work because your domain is not - but in the actual domain, the above SHOULD give you the data part of the the TXT record you’ve added.

Thank you - I hadn’t thought about using nslookup to test this with. When I input the text as Comodo supply it, the record validates. So, this confuses me more. CFlare drops the domain name as a suffix, and although the “points to” field is good, the “name” field is displayed in the record without the domain name as a suffix. It might be helpful to show this screen shot to Comodo, nd if anyone has any ideas i would be grateful.

as are displayed all the other records. You don’t see www…haf…, you only see “www”. It’s quite common to show it that way. You KNOW what your domain is, and wasting pixels on the screen to show it everywhere, is thus… redundant.

As you can see the query gives the result, and Comodo sees it fine. All standard. Even when people were writing the DNS config files themselves in BIND, you always placed just the hostname, not the FQDN. The lack of a dot (.) in the end of the hostname, meant “please affix the domain name as a suffix to this hostname”. For decades.

P.S. You forgot to censor the domain name from it’s second appearance in the screenshot.

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Thank you very much Shimi - I get your points. I’ll take it up with Comodo.

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