Fgm.best is not a registered domain

hey hi I registered a domain a week ago but still i cant add this to Cloudflare

What is your domain name ?


Hi @saeb.m.13 ,


This status may indicate an issue with your domain that needs to be addressed promptly. You should contact your registrar to request more information and resolve the issue. If your domain does not have any issues, and you simply want to transfer it to another registrar, you must first contact your registrar and request that they work with the Registry Operator to remove this status code.

Alternatively, some Registry Operators offer a Registry Lock Service that allows registrants, through their registrars to set this status as an extra protection against unauthorized transfers. Removing this status can take longer than it does for clientTransferProhibited because your registrar has to forward your request to your domain’s registry and wait for them to lift the restriction.

I dont want transfer my domain. i bought it from namecheap i had other domains i add to Cloudflare without any issued

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