Few connectivity issues


I have an A record that points to a server with one of our applications , and there seem to a be a few connectivity issues. I notice that the DNS record shows instead of {redacted IP. Added “my actual IP”}

sFTP is not working if we use the FQDN, and i am wondering if there are other issues that our web application has that are related to the way the cloudfare DNS works.

the application uses SSL , and I read on one of your forums that there could be issues when using SSL - are there things we should look out for or best practices?


One advantage of Cloudflare ist that they hide your IP. That’s intended behavior

Cloudflare doesn’t Proxy any other ports than the follwoing, except you’re an Enterprise customer usiing Spectrum. You need a seperate host name and Set the record to :grey: or connect via your origin’s IP

The following ports are proxied by Cloudflare:


Install a valid certificate on your origin and select 'Full (Strict) as SSL mode and you should be fine.

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