Fetching objects from backblaze for Bandwidth Alliance

So our website does not have a direct DNS record of backbaze’s endpoint, then how can we still manage to download the Backbaze’s objects via Cloudflare to save Egress fees?
Thank you

If I understand, you could setup a CNAME record pointed to your BackBlaze B2 Storage Bucket being proxied :orange: and using a Cloudflare Page Rule you could cache the files to spare direct download traffic from BB (would be serverd from Cloudflare Edge).

Or rather something else and possible I misunderstood this question.

I have been through the docs, but not what I am looking for.
Lets say, when I hit the download button on my website, the site just downloads it directly because of pre-signed URL, there is no DNS in between (screenshot below). Then how can I set it up?

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