Fetching EXIF Metadata via API

When allowing users to upload videos to Stream, we have no way to know whether a video was filmed in portrait or landscape mode.

Does Cloudflare process this data on the backend to render the video in the player correctly, or is the automatic orientation a native behavior of the <video> element in browsers?

Can the API be extended to provide basic EXIF data such as the orientation that the video was recorded in?

Okay, today I realized that Cloudflare definitely does process EXIF data correctly on the backend, because it’s able to place the watermark in the correct orientation when requested.

This might go from a feature request to a bug report, since the dimensions reported on the result.input object are incorrect (width and height should be swapped when the video is uploaded in a 90 or 270 degree orientation.)

Hi there, we are aware of this bug report. We’ll update the community once we’ve addressed the issue.

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We’re still working on fixing this.

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This is now fixed @weaver. Thanks again for the report. result.input{height, width} now matches the actual video output for all new video uploads if the rotation is provided with EXIF metadata.


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