Fetching assets sometimes results in a long "pending" time before transfer starts

I have an issue where sometimes (although rarely) my app takes a very long time to load. Investigating this in the network tab (see below), I can see that some of the resources that I am requesting are stuck in a “pending” state, sometimes for as long as 2-3 minutes, before the transfer actually starts.

One thing that seems to increase the likelihood of this happening is frequent refreshing of the page. Any idea what could be happening here? Am I perhaps being throttled by Cloudflare?

I have exactly the same issue. To me, the frequency is happens is very often. Maybe it’s because of cache rules??
Do you have any set cache rule?

Perhaps, but which cache rules are you referring to exactly? The only header related to the cache that I set in my worker is “Cache-Control” which I set to “max-age=36000” (I still need to investigate this further).

Are you able to reproduce this problem in other (non-Chromium) browsers by any chance?