Fetch failed during build process

Hello, this is the build id 5d2b77a7-9b6c-4565-b2cb-6372c8bab494 During the build process are fetched some files that are stored into a R2 storage named mo***m-cms .
As you can see from the build logs there is this error 12:37:00.875 [error] Can't load image https://*****_454af3e47a.jpg: fetch failed .
This error doesn’t occur every time or on the same image resource, could you pleas check from your network logs what’s the problem?

Any news? Thanks

Hello @PagesCE @WorkersCE
Sorry for the direct ping, could you please check my request?
I can’t get this infos by myself. Thanks

Could you please provide us with the domain name, so that we can verify if any of our policies prohibit robotic crawls from that domain? It would be most helpful if you could share the complete URL so that we can conduct our checks using our tools.

Apart from this, you will need to patiently await a response from a member of the Pages-Teams, since we don’t have access to any internal logs.

Hello @M4rt1n , the full URL is accessible from the build logs. It point to a R2 storage on CF on the same account.