Festical Wifi - DNS for clients

I think ive sort of read the answer to this but I was wondering if I could get it answered a little bit clearer. I will doing wifi for a festival, and I have done this before but little by little im getting bigger and bigger events. I normally hand out public dns to the clients. But as I was looking into setting up my own local dns server (im not exactly confident enough to do that yet) but I would like continue to hand out public dns servers (, etc.) but Ive read that google rate limits if you send to many from the same public IP. I was wondering what I should take into consideration when building out these networks regarding dns.

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Personally, I wouldn’t run my own DNS server unless you have specific websites you needed to serve. You can just give out both and as DNS servers so if you get rate limited by one then it falls to the other one.

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