Feedback on Free Network Analytics Tool - Flow Based Monitoring

Hey everyone! My name is Chris Draper, and I’m a Product Manager at Cloudflare. My team is building a free network analytics tool. The free version of this tool will be helpful to anyone with a network lab at home or NetSec employees at small businesses. I’m posting this to get feedback from anyone interested in network analytics!

The product that I’m working on is called Flow Based Monitoring. This product will let customers configure their router(s) to send netflow / sFlow traffic data to Cloudflare. Then, Cloudflare can analyze the network traffic data, and show statistics on it.

For example, let’s say you’re running a photography website from your home lab, and people can download your art work. You could setup flow based monitoring to measure the amount of data that was downloaded from your website over time. The network flow data will show other interesting metrics like source IP, destination IP, ports, and TCP flags. For home labs and small businesses, this is a cool way to monitor network activity.

I’ve included a mock-up of what the dashboard for viewing network flow statistics would look like. Please leave some comments and let me know what you think!

Also, it would be great to talk with people that run home labs or have networking experience about this product. If you’re interested, please DM me or email me at “[email protected]


Interesting that you measure BPS in GB/s :wink:

Displaying basic stats and IP logs are definitely nice (and I like the style of the dashboards), but there is already a lot of good tooling for that out there.

I’d love some geo-information. I guess Cloudflare has some insight into where the traffic originates, and over what paths the traffic flows.
Also, IP reputation would be nice!

We send a lot of traffic through WARP and cloudflared, and lose network visibility as a consequence. I hope you can integrate that with the dashboard, so we can see, analyze and exclude those types of connections to Cloudflare.

Hey! Thanks for the comment. Lol I hadn’t seen that BPS in GB/s detail in the mock-ups. Nice catch. I’ll have to leave a comment on the internal designs :sweat_smile:

Agreed on the existing tools for network analytics (new relic comes to mind). I’ve seen a couple of different requests for geo-information. Would you be interested in seeing how source IP geos have changed overtime? Maybe there is other geo-information that could be useful?

In terms of the product, customers will be able to define rules for viewing network traffic data. Each rule will contain a set of destination IP Prefixes. If you select that rule in the dashboard, you’ll see only the network traffic data that arrived at the destination IP Prefixes within the rule. I’m hoping this approach makes the free version of the product easier to customize than existing free tools.

Thanks so much for the feedback, and let me know if you have any other questions!

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