Feedback from announcements

Thank you cloonan for the Updates.

Here my Feedback as a Customer:

Not really satisfied with this Inovations till now !
Till yet cloudflare does not hold up to be really a Serverless Platform.
For the Moment Cloudflare is actually a CDN than a Serverless Platform.

This Updates do not Improve Developer Life really at least not my Life!

Where is the distributed Inmemory Possibility for Workes with fast Sync World wide ?
This is not really hard to implement.

Such a Distributed Inmemory Fast Sync possibility for Workes is needed for Serving
Geo Based Dynamic Content.

The KV Database with its 30 Seconds Sync Delay is too slow.
A improvement would be if at least the Worldwide KV Database Sync would be reduced from
30 Seconds to less than a Second.

That would make Life to a lot of Webmasters like me easier for serving changing Geo Based Dynamic Content from the Workers.