Feedback for ticket response times

Leaving feedback for ticket response times.

For ticket #2806991, i’d like to mention that after a week of waiting to get a proper human reply instead of automated ones, we have to close the ticket. No client is willing to wait 1 week to get a proper response.

In a week we took only 1 human/automated reply and it provided literally nothing new from what we read on your documentation by ourselves. Of course we provided way too detailed responses, yet no one answered us back after many days.

If you can’t handle the support requests, just hire more people or mention that you will reply to only Business and higher plans. Stating that most tickets are getting resolved in 3 days is way out of reality.

There are no SLAs for Pro unfortunately and community is recommended.

  • Pro and Free customers - No SLAs are offered, but customers are responded to in the order in which their request is received. For a quicker answer, we highly recommend searching or posting on our Community forums.

Contacting Cloudflare Support · Cloudflare Support docs

The majority of these are account issues which are usually resolved quicker. Technical issues do take longer and that’s why here is recommended for Free and Pro.


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