Feedback for registering new domains


I noticed the ability to register new domains tonight and played around with the search a bit. I don’t really like it TBH. I didn’t attempt to register any domains.

There’s some kind of overzealous filter. For example, I can’t search for anything with the word pipe. I’m guessing something’s considering it related to drugs. I also did some searching for profane words and it was interesting to see the allowable synonyms.

I’d be extremely reluctant to become the moderator of what’s an acceptable domain and what’s not. Will you add trademarked names to your filter?

The search doesn’t do a good job of showing me if the domain I searched for is unavailable. For example, if I search for, there’s no indication that domain is unavailable and the first suggestion is Note the double tt. I didn’t see it at first and I’d be pretty annoyed if I accidentally registered that.

Then, if I search for, which is and exact match and available, all I get is suggestions for synonyms like What’s up with that?

The discovery of the new TLDs is pretty bad. I know a lot of tech people claim to dislike them, but my anecdotal experience says there’s been an uptick of usage among tech people. I see them on Hacker News and /r/programming a lot more often than I used to. I’ve even registered some.

The recommendations don’t seem to do a good job of suggesting the most popular TLDs first. While I think the new TLDs will slowly become acceptable, I’d still rather have a CNOBI (.com, .net, .org, .biz. info) extension over the new TLDs. If I search for the 3rd suggestion is That’s not a very good suggestion and I can’t tell if I’m getting that because all the other TLDs are taken or if it thinks that’s a good synonym for my original search. Searching on other sites I can see that two of the CNOBI options are available (,, so why would I want .store?. The way other sites show taken domains rather than excluding them is better IMO.

I guess in general the suggestions aren’t good IMO. As a final example, pretend you want to sell gaming PCs and your first search is I’m getting suggestions for things like and when I could register and which are a pretty solid combo IMHO.

For me the perfect domain search page would show ALL the TLDs available, even the ones you don’t support, and would be divided into categories via tabs. Ex: Popular, Tech, Shopping, ccTLD, etc. where the only duplication allowed is in the Popular tab and anything that’s not an exact match for my term would be put into a Suggestions or Similar tab.

I’ve guess I’ve gotten used to PorkBun where the search does a really good job of showing results and getting out of my way so I can be the brains of the operation instead of relying on some gimmicky recommendations engine.

I’m also curious if registering new domains will eventually become generally available for anyone who doesn’t have an existing account. I’ve been having a very, very preliminary look at something I’ve been wanting to build that has a heavy domain focus and there’s a huge lack of good domain reseller / partner programs. As far as I’ve been able to find, there’s nothing with an onboarding process as good as the one described in this blog post.

Can you share the link for new registration? I can’t seem to find it.


@jsafire If it doesn’t show up in your account I’m fairly sure you won’t be able to use it. It shows up for me in 1 account, but not in another and, even with the link, I can’t use it on the account where it doesn’t show up.

(Sigh.) Thanks for the reply, Ryan.