Feedback about the moderation


I was just accused by some of the mods for “disrespecting” the community. It’s called “sandro”. The only thing I used that forum is to post 3 questions, all fairly simple ones, you can browse my posts and see there is no slight degree of disrespect against the community.

My feedback is that he should not be a moderator of this community. By looking at his posts I see tons of them are passive aggressive.

I think he’s abusing his power and I let Cloudflare official support know about it.

Googleing the name of this moderator shows clearly that people are calling him out for abuse of his “powers”. This is very bad user experience, I almost forgot how it was in the 2000’s with all these “mods” operating like gods. The problem is that this should be a community around a business service, not a place where one could feel powerful.

I had a horrible customer experience do to him. I am posting what he told me.

Kind Regards

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