Fee for domain transfer to Cloudflare

I have registered a domain just a few minutes ago on Godaddy. When I checked my Cloudflare account, I saw that they have launched a feature where we can register a domain without any markup fee. They charge only what it costs to purchase. So, I am thinking of transferring my domain to Cloudflare. Can you please tell me if there is any transfer fee for the domain? If so, what is the amount? Also, what will be the renewal cost? The domain name is bostro.store

Looking forward to your helpful responses.
Thank you.

You’d have to wait 60 days after a domain registration or transfer to be able to transfer to Cloudflare. At that point, Cloudflare will tell you how much it costs. For that cost (no transfer fee), it just adds one year to your expiration date, and that’s what it will cost every year after that.

Thank you for the helpful information


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