Features requested

I just submitted the Features Requested form with the following:

  1. DNS alias from https://imagedelivery.net/accounthash to https://imagebucket.mysite.com
  2. ability to assign a ‘friendly name’ or tag to each image so it can be served without knowing its image id
  3. API functions to get full and partial listings (search) of images stored. Search should be able to lookup by uploaded name and by image id.

When having thousands of images in a container, I believe some tools are needed to manage them and help keeping track of the connections between the original name of each image and the assigned id.


Seems like using custom domains is on their radar. It’s mentioned on https://blog.cloudflare.com/building-cloudflare-images-in-rust-and-cloudflare-workers/

That would be nice to have.


Just tested that a GET call to the images/v1 endpoint (with proper auth token) responds with a list of images stored (id, filename, upload date, urls of variants).

Still believe that a string search would be useful once the bucket gets crowded and the list gets long, but in the meantime downloading a full list is a big help. Searches can be done locally.

This is currently possible, each image can have:

User modifyable key-value store. Can use used for keeping references to another system of record for managing images.

I’d like this also, so I can maintain the current image URL format making migration in/out much easier.

The current URLs look like https://imagedelivery.net/{accountID}/{imageID}/{variant name}. I’d like to make these parameterised using my own convention

prefix = https://www.example.com/images/
metadataID is my custom metadata value (image ID in my existing CMS).
suffix = -thumb.jpg, -hero.jpg etc, whatever the current convention is.

Ending up with something like: https://www.example.com/images/ax9t-gte-swe-thumb.jpg

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Where did you find this?
What’s the syntax to use this feature?
Can you use the value in the url?

https://api.cloudflare.com is always a good place to look.


Not as far as I can see. But its a feature I requested.

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I had assumed the info on https://developers.cloudflare.com/images/ was the full set of docs. Didn’t occur to me it was just a partial subset of the main api docs.

+1 to being able to use a friendly name/id for accessing the images.

I have some third party apps that I was hoping images could be served to using our product code. I would need to keep track of the generated id’s and serve them to these apps in the hope that they could use the id to fetch the images. Would be a lot easier if they could use the product code which is the filename or store the product code as metadata and access the images using that.

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