Featured Image not showing on Facebook

I know this topic was published many times on this forum, however, none of the topics were resolved or closed prgamatically, on the other handsm there is no hacks or procedures that can be followed to fix this issue.

My business facebook page was showing featured images normally up to October 2023, until the page was hacked, then it was retrived back in January this year, after restoring the facebook account all featred images were not showing while sharing a new blog post, they were all showing gray background and while writing the post the image will appear as it is not connected to a site.

Tried to reach out Facebook to resolve the issue but they advised that there is no issues with my account, currently, i’m using Mediacloud to offload the images to Cloudflare, Rank math as an SEO plugin to handle the og:image, and didn’t change the setteings of the Cloudflare account and stil not showing images.

No error messages from the Facebook debugger, below is result from Facebook debugger for reference: