Feature Request: Wildcard with Suffix like "*-dev.example.com" in DNS

It’s great Cloudflare supports wildcard domain resoltion like *.example.com or *.dev.example.com, but I hope you can support wildcard with suffix. E.g. *-dev.example.com for domains like:


It’s great for cases where you want to reuse one single wildcard certificate (like *.example.com) through different suffix, instead of managing a wildcard certificate for each suffix (like *.dev.example.com).

Tencent Cloud’s DNS service (formerly DNSPod) has support for such feature and runs well for nearly a decade.

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Haven’t tried myself buy Advanace Certificate Manager might be able to do that

Hi, thank you for your reply. Sorry I didn’t make it clear. What I am requesting is about DNS resolution, not about certificates.

DNS wildcard proxied records is supported only in CF Enterprise plan. CF Free, Pro and Biz support DNS wildcard un-proxied records only see Wildcard subdomains with custom certificate not working

I just tested on my CF Free and Enterprise plan zones and confirm this I setup DNS A record wildcard for *.sub.mydomain.com and on CF Free it’s only DNS only unproxied and for CF Enterprise it’s DNS CF proxied though I’d need to use ACM to create a SSL certificate with mydomain.com, *.mydomain.com and *.sub.mydomain.com SANs

My request is about extended wildcard support in DNS resolution only. It’s not related to Cloudflare’s proxy or certificate offering.

He understands, what he is saying is that by default, you get the “orange cloud”, or a proxied connection.

CloudFlare allows wildcard resolution without their proxy on free plans, but if you want wildcard resolution while still using their proxy, you need an Enterprise plan.

Without the “orange cloud” proxy, you loose almost all of CF’s benefits (ddos protection, speed improvements, etc.).

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And I do understand what benefits proxy brings, but it has nothing to do with my request. It’s requesting to extend a particular feature in DNS resolution, nothing more. Not asking questions or seeking for help.

P.S. Sorry my last reply might sound harsh, I’ve editted it out.

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