[FEATURE REQUEST] Warp Teams Zero-Trust Device profile based on Device ID

I am trying to use device profiles feature of Cloudflare Warp/Zero-Trust for Teams.
As per the name, we should be able to apply different warp profiles to different devices.
But the only options we get to differentiate those devices are these:
User email
User group emails
User group IDs
User group names
Operating system
Operating system version
Managed network
SAML Attributes

There’s no device specific option. How am i supposed to apply a profile to a specific device?
The operating system is too generic. Even the Operating system version can be same on 2 different devices and it can even change when the OS upgrades on the device. The User specific options apply to all the devices for that user.

I would love if there was an option for Device ID here, since warp actually assigns each device a unique ID and it is shown in My Team-> Devices-> Device Details