Feature request: Use something other than first frame for thumbnail

I have a library of videos that always start with “This show is brought to you by $sponsor1 $sponsor2 $sponsor3…”. Their logos are visible in the first couple of seconds.

Cloudflare seems to make the first frame the thumbnail. This makes the videos very hard to distinguish in the library.

It’s possible to set a custom thumbnail for the player, but not for the library. Is it possible to implement a thumbnail selection that also has effect on the library? Other services often offer this. Thanks!

One way to do this could be to write a quick script and change the default thumbnail times for each video via the API. Cloudflare API v4 Documentation (using the thumbnailTimestampPct property on each video). Using a percentage allows you to choose approximate times in each video without having to pay attention to how long each video is.

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Thanks @renan. That’s useful to set them both at 50% of the video, which is always different.

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