Feature request: skip Pages deploy via git commit message keywords

Just as we can skip CI tests for a given commit with [ci skip] in the git commit message, it’s sometimes helpful to avoid a site deploy for a given commit. Can we please get this feature added? Ideally with both generic tags and CF-specific tags. This is sometimes also known as “skip phrases”.

See this equivalent which the folks at Render added when I asked:

So any of the following in a git commit message would result in the Pages builds dashboard just showing “Deploy skipped for commit abcdef0” to show that yes, the commit was seen, but it was deliberately skipped:

  • [cloudflare skip]
  • [skip cd]
  • [deploy skip]

The goal is to make it lower-weight to make small fixes which don’t affect the production site, and avoid workload on CF’s side when we know it’s just wasted work.



This is on the roadmap yep! :slight_smile:
I don’t have an ETA but definitely a good feature