Feature Request - Skip Existing Record Detection

Dear Cloudflare Support Team,

I am writing to request a new feature in the Cloudflare DNS management system. Specifically, I would like to see the addition of a “Skip Existing Record Detection” option when adding new domains.

Currently, when I attempt to add a new domain in Cloudflare, the system checks to see if there is an existing record for subdomain. While this feature can be helpful in migrating domains, it can also be time-consuming when I don’t want to keep the records that already exist.

It would be extremely beneficial to have the ability to bypass this check and simply add new records without keeping existing record. This would save me a significant amount of time and make it easier to manage my domains efficiently.

Thank you for considering my feature request. I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to the Cloudflare DNS management system, and I appreciate your ongoing efforts to improve the platform for your users.

You can do this via the API.


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