Feature request: Show a notification in the Cloudflare Community if someone removes a heart from your post

When someone “Hearts” (or likes) your post, you get a notification right?
Screenshot 2021-11-03 9.27.10 AM
So I’m thinking, if someone removes the heart or like from your post it should notify you by showing the same symbol but with a crack and split in the middle (somewhat like this)
Split heart
It would have the username and post that the heart was removed from to the right of it, but instead of the normal heart symbol it would be the image above to the left of it!

Oh and it won’t send repeated notifications if someone dislikes and likes your post repeatedly in 30 seconds (it won’t send notifications about someone re-liking your post and then disliking it again for 30 seconds after the initial dislike, to avoid spam notifications)!

So what do y’all think, you can either reply with your feedback (or vote using the poll below)

What do you think about this feature suggestion
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Even if you don’t choose “Other” you can still reply your feedback! Looking forward to feedback!

I don’t understand why this should be a thing. I’ve accidentally liked posts before and removed it 5 seconds later. Alerting the user twice for that seems weird.


It wouldn’t alert the user if you remove the like 30 seconds after you dislike or like the post (and the same applies if you like a dislike a post then like it under 30 seconds later). It won’t alert the user more than once per 30 seconds if a like or dislike is removed more than once!

Consider reading this statement from @michael again.


The bigger issue is that I can’t remove my Like from Walshy’s reply. There must be a time limit on take-backs.

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Nah Discourse just knows my posts are the best.