Feature Request: Registrar Transfer between Cloudflare Accounts

Just adding another comment to the list. We look after sites for various charities, one of which wants to move their domain to a new developer, but because the new developer also uses Cloudflare we now need to transfer the domain out to another registrar. That’s just daft.

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This features is absolutely essential.

Not having this feature available will force some to register the domain elsewhere off of Cloudflare.

That is not good.

Absolutely amazed this is not a thing, and very disappointed in cloudflare that this has been open for so long. What’s going on here?

Could really do with this feature - I assumed it would be no problem and advised a client incorrectly!
Is there any movement on the development for this?

I registered a domain with Cloudflare on one account, but have decided that it would be better fit under the umbrella of another Cloudflare account. I have access to both accounts, so it should be trivial to have confirmation via emails of simply switching domains from one account for another. I wish this would be implemented.

Absence of this feature is absurd with a service provider like Cloudflare. I recently transferred to my domain to Cloudflare (after Google Domains exist) and I was so sure moving domains between accounts would be available. Very shocked.

I really hope Cloudflare is working on this on priority.

This is a major problem for us. We were told that it would be coming very soon, when we moved all of our domains to Cloudflare 3 years ago.

We have split the business in to four different companies now, but there is no way for us to do migrate them to individual accounts without moving to another registrar first of all. We have over 200 domain names.

Please can this be made a high priority?